Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Extriciti determine which rates to offer?

    Extriciti has developed proprietary software which is designed to sort through the thousands and thousands of wholesale electric supply offers released each day. This ensures that each business is receiving wholesale electric pricing that is truly reflective of the wholesale electric market, not an overinflated rate that stays the same for weeks on end that others may offer. This process helps small businesses and residents find and enroll in the best, custom –fit, lowest priced wholesale electricity plan available

  2. What suppliers does Extriciti work with?

    Extriciti has one of the largest wholesale electric supplier portfolios in the industry, ranging from the smaller, boutique type suppliers, all the way to the largest players in the industry. Just as no two businesses are the same, the same holds true with wholesale electric suppliers. Therefore we are constantly updating our network of wholesale suppliers to ensure you have competitive offers.

  3. Why isn’t my supplier available on Extriciti?

    Extriciti has high standards for suppliers to participate on its platform. Although we would like to include as many suppliers as we can, some simply do not make the cut. If you feel we have overlooked a supplier, we encourage you to bring them to our attention.

  4. What is the Price To Compare (PTC) and how do I determine it?

    This is the utility's generation rate that a supplier has to beat in order for you to save money, and thus is a good reference point when comparing offers from suppliers. The price to compare can be found on your monthly utility bill, and may vary month to month, depending on how much electricity you use and when you use it.

    For Residents: Your PTC is disclosed in the notes section of your utility bill. For comparison purposes, make sure you look at your most recent bill as this price changes at least quarterly.

    For Businesses: You will need to calculate your PTC, and can only do this if you are receiving your generation supply from your utility. If that’s the case, find your monthly charge for “generation” and divide that by your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage for the month. If you need help calculating your PTC, one of our energy experts will work with you to make sure you have accurate numbers for comparison purposes.

  5. How do I know if I’m currently in a contract for electricity supply?

    If you are currently in an electricity supply contract, you will either see a line item charge from a wholesale electric supplier on your utility bill, or receive a separate bill for electricity supply charges. To learn the details about your current contract, specifically when the contract expires, call the phone number listed next to the supplier’s name.

  6. How do I know the best energy plan for me?

    Extriciti consolidates a multitude of supplier quotes to ensure you receive the best service at the lowest rate. Although having a low rate is certainly beneficial, it is not the only factor you should consider. Each supplier has their own customer service, enrollment methods, etc. and we encourage customers to research evaluate the pros and cons of each.

  7. Is there a fee to switch to a wholesale electric supplier?

    There are no switching fees when initially switching from the utility to a wholesale electric supplier. However, some utilities do have the option to charge a nominal fee when migrating from one supplier to another. The suppliers featured on do not have enrollment or monthly fees – this is one of the many things we look for when vetting our suppliers.

  8. Who will my bills come from if I enter into a contract with a wholesale electric supplier?

    In most cases, you will continue to receive one bill from your utility that will include your supply charges. If that’s not the case, we will be sure to let you know.

  9. Do I have to call my old supplier to cancel service?

    No. When your new wholesale electric supplier submits your enrollment request to the utility, the utility in turn will send a notification to the supplier with whom you are terminating your service.

  10. When will my new service begin?

    If you selected a specific month and year for your start date, your service will begin on your utility’s regularly scheduled meter date in that selected time frame.

    If you selected the “next available start date”, it could take up to a month for you to realize the switch – it just depends on when your utility’s next scheduled meter read date is. Please note that it will take a month for your new supplier to show on your bill. For example: Service begins August 15, Service Period is August 15 – September 15, and billing for this period will arrive the last week of September or in early October.

  11. What happens at the end of my contract?

    Because the power prices are always changing, we highly suggest you periodically check Extriciti’s platform for renewal options instead of waiting until the month prior to the termination of your current contract.

    Of course, we will remind you of your upcoming expiration date, at which time you can again utilize Extriciti’s platform to search for and help you through this process. If you choose not to take action, your wholesale electric supplier may either continue to serve you on a monthly variable rate or auto-renew your contract. Please review your applicable electric wholesale supplier contract to confirm.

  12. I might move, or close my business; can I still sign a contract?

    Yes, you can still enter into a contract, just be mindful of potential early termination fees. Most wholesale electric supplier contracts have the option to impose an early termination fee if you cancel your contract early.

    For Residents: Look for a contract with no early termination fee. Don’t like those prices? If you know when you will be moving, choose a contract term that aligns with your potential move date.

    For Businesses: If you are planning to move or close your business, understand you can still enter into a contract with a wholesale electric supplier, just be sure to choose a contract term that aligns with your potential move or closing date. If the term you need isn’t available, you can have one of our team members research a custom term on your behalf.

  13. What is a community aggregation?

    Community aggregation is when local governments pool residential and small business accounts together in an attempt to negotiate better rates within its respective jurisdiction. We encourage you to learn more about aggregation in our blog section. Most of the time, there’s a greater savings opportunity available to those who shop for electricity rates on their own.

  14. Why are rates different for my home and my business?

    The cost of electricity is primarily driven by the time of day when it is used. Since most homes find themselves consuming energy during the on-peak time frame, they tend to have higher rates as they are consuming the power at a time when it's in its greatest demand. In addition to on-peak consumption, businesses tend to have off-peak consumption as well. Since there is less demand for off-peak power, it is less expensive and thus helps bring the overall cost down.

  15. Where does Extriciti operate?

    Extriciti currently operates in all of investor owned utilities in Ohio, and is diligently working on adding the ability for residents and small businesses to shop wholesale electric rates in the additional 12 states where electricity is deregulated. Should you have a location outside of Ohio, please call 844.479.5695 and one of our tenured energy specialists will be happy to assist you.